NECCOS FOR BREAKFAST is an original alt rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1996, they recorded their first EP at Cleveland's Red Eye Rock Club.  NFB is currently putting the finishing touches on a brand new CD.

Neal Bryant: Bass, Vocals
Daniel Grigson: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Grigson: Drums
Ethan Ridgeway: Keys
Rael Bryant: Vocals

Daniel Grigson
671 Longfellow Drive
Berea, Ohio 44017

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Past Shows

The Blind Lemon
Corn Festival
Sprout Music Showcase
Hi Fi Club
Brothers Lounge
Treehugger's Cafe
Masonic Auditorium
Westlake Performing Arts Center
La Hacienda
The Cretin Club
and more...

NFB Music Playlist

Nerd Rock Lyrics

I feel like a misfit, like I never quite fit in
In ya club in ya clique dirty jokes make me sick
You slip and you stumble every time that I fumble
Trying to trick you into thinking that I used to be cool
But I only got asked to prom by one girl
But I told her “no” and I stayed at home
Cause I’m nerd rock to the bone . . .      (And here I am)

I’m on stage and I’m singing my song
The crowd’s all hyped and they’re singing along
And we don’t remember the words you’d have us sing
Yeah we don’t remember the words you’d have us sing
Cause’ these kids are all right,
Yeah these kids are all right,  they’re all right!

 I never got my lip split
A dash of snark & a splash of wit

Drop down both your fists crack a joke then we split
The Jocks & the Heads knew my name we never rumbled
Don’t need a jacket letter or a lighter to feel better
The same thing goes for a good boy gold star
So how you wanna flow, in an arbitrary mold
Or are you nerd rock to the bone . . . (Cause here I am)

 So how you wanna flow, in an arbitrary mold,
Or are YOU nerd rock to the bone . . .

NFB Video Playlist