Welcome to Necco Records.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we are an indie label specializing in Cleveland area rock and alternative bands, original youth music, and world music.  Over the years, we have worked with rock bands, singer-songwriters, choirs, jazz quartets, student groups, international projects and more.  Currently, we are finishing up production on the newest release from Neccos For Breakfast, and finalizing a CD release from the Maasai Music Project.  Check out the new DISCOGRAPHY for a complete list of releases since 1996.

Some Music
from NR Artists

Lyric Break

I gotta cough . . . drop beats
Not bombs away like my lyrics.
Like your lyrics like what?
Like my lyrics like: Ohhh!
Lemme get a line in
Been working on my timing
Wanna hear me sing?
Let it ring jukebox, drop a dime in!
— The Maasai Music Project


Lyric Break

Some people say ‘separate is safe,’
the only way to keep us alive.
but ask Africa she’ll tell you today,
that we can live together in peace and thrive.
— Maasai Music Project


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Daniel's Blog

Daniel's been doing some creative writing...
Read his short novel here.

Lyric Break

Don’t need a jacket letter
Or a lighter to feel better.
The same thing goes for a
Good Boy Gold Star.
So how you wanna flow,
in an arbitrary mold?
Or are you Nerd Rock to the bone?
— Neccos For Breakfast

Lyric Break

Look at me, you
Have to see you
Are a Train wreck,
Weather girl, what’s next?
Never mind, I decline
To accept your request
Give me time,
Analyze how I’m dressed
— Neccos For Breakfast

Some Videos
from NR Artists